Are there any other rules?

Expired Accounts
Funded accounts must be traded in within at least 65 days otherwise the account will be deemed inactive and you will no longer have access to the funded account.

Bad Trading Practices
Predatory trading practices that do not comply with the functioning of the real market include, but not limited to:
​1. Use of platform or data freezing
2. Use of delayed data feed
3. Trading on delayed charts
4. Use of hedging trades between accounts

​We ask you to trade according to live conditions. Breach of these Terms or laws in any way may lead to immediate termination of all accounts associated with our services, and no refund or payment of any kind shall be issued. In addition, you may be held civilly and/or criminally liable if you are in breach of these Terms and relevant laws.

Trade copier is allowed from your own external account to one of our Evaluations or Funded accounts. You cannot place the same trades manually or via copier on two or more accounts. This will be a violation and will lose access to accounts.

Each account must be traded individually and we recommend trading your own strategy to avoid copy trading. We do not permit the sharing of your live funded trades publicly.

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